Geoff Rollins

Geoff Rollins is an talented game designer with a decade of experience. He always has great ideas to fit your clients, target audience and budget. He is also a skilled web designer, making handsome, easy-to-use pages suitable for any subject.

Game Design Samples

Geoff Rollins

"Gladiators" is Ludocracy's first published board game. Players fight for glory in the Roman arena as one of twelve playable gladiators. Geoff was the Creative Director on this project, and had a hand in every aspect of the game from initial concept to final quality. Gladiators is designed to be played by experienced gamers ages 14 and up. Check it out at:

"Leaving Loki's Lockup" is a story-based puzzle game similar to "The Lost Vikings". It was designed to introduce the characters and world of the "Hans Hans" IP to a youth audience. Geoff was the Lead Designer and Lead Writer on this project, working with "Nickelodeon" writers to get the tone just right. The game was played by 300,000 players within two months, and earned 4.6 out of 5 on "Jay is Games".

Play Leaving Loki's Lockup

"Prime Radicals: Pentominoes" is a classic puzzle game, updated for a modern audience. Geoff was the Lead Designer on this project. There are over 2,000 solutions to the classic puzzle; the new design concepts include a 'tower' game mode, where each unique solution becomes a new floor of the tower. The game was also designed to match the style of "Prime Radicals", an educational TV show that teaches older youth math and geometry.

Play Pentominoes on Android or iOS.

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