Ludocracy's Game Design Services

From brainstorming to final quality assurance, Ludocracy provides professional game design experience. We have designed physical games, web-based games, mobile games and more!
No matter the scale of your project nor the scope of your budget, Ludocracy can provide Game Design services tailored to your needs! To contact Ludocracy for Game Design projects, please fill out the form in the Contact section.

Game Design Document Samples

Detective One Pitch

"Detective One" was conceived as an action-adventure game for Xbox Live. Players could proceed through levels by exploring, by solving puzzles, or by fighting their way through hordes of enemies. We contributed the game concept, controls and camera concept, and the overall story concept. We also fleshed out the world and characters of Detective One.

Read the the Detective One pitch PDF

Pentominoes GDD

"Pentominoes" is a puzzle game for older youth (pre-teens). Players place 12 unique tetris-like pieces into a grid to create various shapes. The game was released on Android & iOS devices, as well as on the web. We provided the initial concept, the pitch and the game design documents for this project.

Read an early Pentominoes Game Design Document (GDD)

Check out Pentominoes on iTunes or Google Play